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Top Four Reasons for Midweek Travel

Set your Out of Office auto response on and pack for a midweek getaway!


You work hard and you deserve a road trip! Whether you hit the road for business or for fun, you’ll find the best of Midwest hospitality at Three Bears Resort! We’re surrounded by local beauty in the heart of Cranberry Country, located halfway between Madison, WI and the Twin Cities.

There are a variety of reasons for midweek travel, here are our top four:

Less crowds

Traveling Sunday through Thursday you’re more likely to see less traffic on the roads, and smaller crowds throughout your trip. Have you ever visited a state park in the middle of the week? We recommend a midday, midweek visit to Mill Bluff State Park for a peaceful outdoor adventure whether you like snowshoeing, cross-country skiing, or hiking. Mill Bluff State Park is just 21 miles from Three Bears Resort. Check our Attractions page for more area parks and outdoor recreation ideas.

Boosted relaxation

Log off, shut down, and get away when everyone else is at work! You get a unique sense of freedom when you travel midweek. You get to break up the week and step out of the daily grind leaving you feeling refreshed and invigorated.

You get to be the person everyone else envies

When you post a selfie in front of one of our cozy villas at 2:00pm on a Tuesday your friends will wish they were you! Pro-tip, use hashtag #fromwhereyouwouldratherbe and #threebearsresort so that we can give you a “like”!

Midweek rates

Our midweek resort rates start at $69.95 a night, Sunday through Thursday until March 1, 2019 and must be mentioned at the time of reservation. The midweek rate is based on a standard double queen room and limited weekday waterpark hours. Other rooms are available, inquire about rates on villas for an upgrade. Check the Specials page for complete details and book your midweek getaway now!


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Three Bears Resort is an exciting dining destination with a restaurant, pub, pizzeria and sweet shop surrounded by the beautiful landscape of Warrens, Wisconsin.


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Variety is the spice of life. Same holds true for the 93 charming guest rooms, suites and over 60 villas at Three Bears Resort.