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Scare at the Bear 2018

The spooky goblins, princesses and superheroes had so much fun at the Scare at the Bear Halloween party at Three Bears Resort!


Scare at the Bear Halloween party was a space for kids to strut their stuff in their creative costumes doing the monster mash. They played plenty of games, laughed, and enjoyed Halloween treats! Our beautiful ballroom was decorated in orange and black Halloween streamers, spiderwebs, and stocked plenty with treats and witch’s fruit punch. The beat of Halloween themed music filled the room with energy!


One of the games was Musical Ghosts. White sheets were set on the floor in a circle and the kids skipped in a circle around the sheets to music. When the music stopped, they were to urgently throw a sheet over their head and be a ghost. Whoever didn’t get a sheet quick enough was eliminated from the game, and a sheet would be removed from the circle. Our emcee pointed out the irony of how the simple white sheet ghost costume is generally the less desired costume by kids! This game had them gleefully running in circles trying to be the last ghost standing!

Our Scare at the Bear Halloween party featured a pumpkin painting station for kids to let out their inner Picasso. They got plastic aprons to wear to keep their costumes clean and a small pumpkin for their canvas. We saw colorful creations and creative energy flowing throughout!

If attendees wanted to step away for some fresh, crisp fall air they could hop on a wagon ride and enjoy fall scenery around the resort! The wagon was a giant-sized mockup of a Radio Flyer wagon. What a fun way for a family to enjoy the fall colors!



The Scare at the Bear Halloween party ended with the costume contest. It was a tough choice for the judges! After a few rounds of dancing to the Monster Mash the judges picked Harry Potter, Godzilla and Cinderella who won various prizes including a free overnight stay. Let’s give a round of applause for all of the awesome costumes and contestants!

Halloween brings out creative joy in everyone! Our team enjoyed seeing families share this joy with one another. The annual Scare at the Bear Halloween party offers something for everyone! We hope you join us in 2019!

Check out all of this in action in the event recap video posted to our Facebook page!




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